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Personally I think that you've just started taking so many new things that you probably don't want to add anything else at this point. If you discover that what you are currently using isn't enough you will either increase the dose (like spiro) or switch to something else. Or perhaps then adding in the B-complex, some other supplement or phytoestrogenic herbs may be what you need. For right now though, I would just deal with what you are currently using.

[b]Skincare Regimen:[/b]
-neutrogena fresh foaming wash (2x a day), it is gentle...
-azeleic acid (nightime)
-neostrata oil free lotion spf15 (am)
-blot with clinique clotting papers a million times a day (lol)

As long as you are sure that none of these are breaking you out and are helping to rid the acne than keep using them.

[b]Internal Regimen:[/b]
-spiro 100mg a day (1 pill)
-dynacin 100mg (2xaday)
-estrogen shot (once every 2 weeks)
-prometrium (100mg, 1 pill for 10 days a month)

I think everything here is good. You basically have something similar to Dianette BC (Diane 35) going on above with the Spiro/Estrogen shot. Then you've got something similar to Yasmin BC going on with the Prometrium/Estrogen shot.

While you may have to tweek the above formula, it looks like you are covered at all angles. You've got your Estrogen replacement, your Natural progesterone to balance your hormones and maintain menstrual regularity, and your anti-androgen. The only thing I'm wondering about is the Dynacin.

I believe that this is just another name for Minocycline. If so, [b]some antibiotics, like this one, actually raise androgen levels[/b] even though they are still acting as anti-inflamatories on the skin. So once you go off of them, you have lots of androgen floating around and it would explain why some of us broke out terribly as a result. I took this drug for only 3 months and it made my skin beautiful (on BC and spiro at the time) and a month after I stopped, I broke out worse than I had in years. The BC and Spiro weren't as effective, I cried depression (blamed the BC) and that's actually what lead me to my current endocrinologist and regimen. However, I understand that you REALLY want this stuff gone, so perhaps in a few weeks you may want to stop taking this antibiotic.

If the other drugs aren't strong enough to support your skin and cycles normally w/o this, then you need to make some more adjustments (took me 5 years and I'm still not 100% there). You don't need any oral antibiotics. Since you have low estrogen levels, how come they aren't giving you a regular bc pill instead (with no progestins) and then taking the Prometruim and Spiro as above?

Nonetheless, YES I believe that you should definately see some results. Hopefully this first combination will work for you and you won't have to test out other forms of medication. Some people note decrease in oilyness within 2 - 4 weeks, I personally don't remember (been on Spiro for 5 years). However Spiro can cause you to have irregular periods (not for me) and that's another reason you may want to check on the BC pill.

Take care and let me know how you visit goes ;-)

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I read that low prolactin levels were the reason for poor milk production. An herb that is reported to increase that is Fenugreek. This is also a very popular herb because it is one of highest phytoestrogens and as such is used in breast development formulas (along with wild yam, saw palmetto, and fennel) Of course those herbs have more than one purpose, balance hormones, balance insulin levels, balance blood sugar, provide fiber, act against DHT conversion, etc =)

During the past 18 years, did you ever have cystic acne? How often did you breakout? How long have you been on Diane 35?

It's interesting that you say your doctors won't help you and that your acne isn't severe enough, but they have you on Diane 35. Do you know why you were put on this particular form of bc? For some reason (not available at in the us), I never had the option of Diane or Yasmin, but they are popular among women with acne and other hormonal problems. They cotain different key ingredients outside of just estrodial (estrogen).

In your case, Diane-35 contains an anti-androgen. If they didn't think it was severe enough, why are you taking an anti-androgen? Now, I don't know how good Cyproterone is compared to Spiro, but I know that some women end up taking an additional anti-androgen along with the Diane. Not to mention that your extra body hair is due to androgens. There's no such thing as idopathic hirsutism, it is caused by a hormonal imbalance.

I was 17 and going in for a check up and my female doctor looked at me and said, "you're not supposed to have that much hair on your arms!" Then she looked at my face and other areas and said no no, you shouldn't have acne this bad. She put me on the regular birth control pills and after 3 months my Free Testosterone Levels decreased by 50%.

Then I got to see an Endo that was visiting for that a day, and he said that some women are more sensitve to their male hormones than other women wether they make too much or a NORMAL amount. So, you don't have to make too much, for your receptors to be extremely sensitive to androgens. He suggested Spironolactone, if the bc doesn't help more in a few months. So a few months later I started on the Spiro and this was my combination (kinda like Diane-35) for 3 years.

Unfortunately, that still wasn't enough and above I mentioned my Minocycline fiasco, and that's how I ended up eventually on my current diet. I never tried B5, but this actually, hehe, is related to insulin resistance as well. Everything we use and rave about, can all be traced back to some flaw in our Insulin metabolism.

Somewhere on here is a thread by Bunny about B5 and I talk a bit more about it there. Who knows what the ultimate cause is outside of a gene defect, but its VERY interesting how everything seems to be connected. Whether it's the chicken or the egg that came first, I don't know, but I know we can use it to help us.

I just know that I'd rather avoid certain foods than pay all that money to take all these different pills. Yet if all you need is one or 2 pills, then go for it. If you want to try dieting, then you need to pick a low carb diet. I don't know of any websites I can post on this board, but look for Glycemic Index vs. Glycemic Load and you will see why a portion of us improved when we went switched to whole grains, low grains, or no grain diets.

The Atkins Diet, The Insulin Resistance Diet, Gluten Free Diet, Blood Type Diet, and Paleolithic Diet seem to get very good responses. Anywhere from 90% - 100% improvement, but of course the 100% means you've gotta pick the right one. ;-)

Take care

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