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;)Hi Peachy :)
I have a picking problem also, I an 34 and well, I dont even think I have Acne I think my face is a mess simply down to me picking at it, mostly it was a bedtime or in the morning but lately I found myself in the Mirror a bit more

it is very depressing seeing your face in a mess, having to out is not fun at times, trying the cover up the damage is not fun either!...I dont think I feel like I am getting anything really out of it, like you feel a release, but I know theres satisfaction when you see a spot pop (not that mine do that often) I tend to have big bumps that are sore to touch and I convince myself I have to get the crap out, every time its the same I try to get it out, then pressing so hard I take off skin a few layers of skin till its more like a graze!!!! then it has to scab over and I get impatient and flick it off then its sore and this will go on and on till it goes....often leaving a mark!

I have tried a few things for it lately, Murad, over the counter Acne stuff...etc etc I got acne really bad during pregnancy due to hormonal changes ) then it looked like someone through acid at my face, it was all bubbled and was full of green stuff it was awful and depressing I got some persription cream from my Dr (but had to stop nursing to do that)and it helped but it was so drying and made my face sore but it stopped it getting worse)

then I tried Proactiv and it worked (did that after stopping the Drs perscription mnetioned above) but I stopped after it got better (not a good idea) and I felt it smelled a bit and it is drying if you put on too much which I realize this time I will not do, also i am a Sucker for wanting to be like a person who can use lovelly products like Clarins , Clinique etc etc but they are not really often for people with bad skin sadly even though the bottles are pretty and smell nice , theres no point if it doesnt help your skin, Do you know what I mean?

well yesterday afternoon I had a picking session and It hit me! I HAVE TO STOP IT....the sad thing is I am the one doing this to myself!!! nobody is making me!!!!

it is hard to stop yourself but I have decided it has to stop! I have had to change my routine so I am not in the mirror at bedtime trying to find anything to pick I wash my face when the kids are getting ready for bed ,then later I clean my teeth and BED not mirror looking anymore.....

I only just started and its hard, it is hard to say outloud that you cant stop picking, many people might look at it as something really weird! and hearing just STOP PICKING doesnt help even though intellectually you know its the right thing to do! and I guess you have to somehow tell yourself your not living this way anymore! and trying to change your habits...

I can see on my face patches of skin that looks good :) I think if I just leave my face alone a few weeks all will be better....I hope the Proactiv helps me as before....the internet can be a friend and an enemy telling you this works then people slam it and say no dont use it! people are all going to react differently to products, some people SWEAR by MURAD but I found it was not good FOR ME...but I think it is something that takes time to figure out how your face reacts to certain products ...etc etc but then I made that mistake changing it almost every few weeks feeling desperate and trying a new regeme....this can make acne worse too...changing over and over...

I want to you know your not alone...maybe if you really feel that this isnt something you can do alone, maybe talk to you Dr to see what they suggest maybe there is a deeper meaning for some people why the pick there face , same a cutters, its all for different reasons, mine I think was just a stupid habit and maybe boredom sometimes? but we all are different so maybe you might want to talk to somebody ....find the route to why? in my case I got into a habit, bored I dunno...but I feel today I am changing it! wish me luck!

I will check in again soon

Chin up :)

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