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for the girls out there:
if you have taken a bcp for acne which one did you take, how long, did it work ? did acne return if you went off the pills ? and how were your moods effected if at all?
Im really happy 4 u guys,
For those of you that had success taking BCP's how bad was ur acne? where was it allocated? and how did u know ur acne was hormonal?

My acne is mainly on my forehead with afew others places to. Would a BCP clear it up? I tried Dianette in April and it gave me bad tingling pains in my leg.

Oh also forgot i have an unpredictable period cycle..could this be a link?

~*K*~ :wave:


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I was on ortho tri-cyclen for about 2 years. Had little to no effect on my acne. No change when I went off it either. Either way the BCP didn't seem to effect my acne whatsoever.
I had taken Ortho Tri-Cyclen for about four years. It cleared up my acne really well at first. But then I started breaking out after year. So I stopped temporarily. Strangely, my acne got better for a few months. Then it got worse. So after a seven-month absense from OTC, I went back on it. Acne cleared beautifully. Unfortunately, nine months later, I couldn't continue because I stopped seeing my on-campus doctor (I graduated from college). Acne actually became non-existent for a while. My skin looked great. But then, about eight months after I stopped taking OTC, my skin got really bad. So I went back on it. This time I was back in school as a graduate student. I stayed on OTC for nearly two years. Acne improved during the first year, but during the second year, it worsened. But it wasn't that bad - sort of mild. I was frustrated anyway so I switched to Diane 35. My skin cleared really fast. Unfortunately, I would tend to get one large zit right before my period. But during the rest of the month, my skin looked beautiful. Unfortunately, I had to get off of Diane 35 three months later because I completely lost my sex drive. So I went back on OTC. Acne actually stayed the same - clear during the month with a zit popping up right before my period. Because I was still having problems with my sex drive, I decided to go off of OTC and all birth control pills PERIOD, which was about three months after I started OTC again. After that, I was BCP-free for about ten months. Acne actually improved. My complexion looked great during the first seven months. But after the seventh month, I started breaking out like crazy. I looked awful. This continued for a while until I saw a doctor and was prescribed Desogen, which is supposed to be a low estrogen dose BCP. Today is my 8th day. So far, the oiliness has gone done and I see a little improvement. No big zits so far.

So, there's my life story. :)

Please respond if you have taken Desogen before or know something about it. Thanks!

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