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Well, I've been thinking about it, and since I already ordered full size bottles of all the smaller ones I tried and don't want to spend more money on the other versions (I know she lets you return stuff but I've never been comfortable doing that), I decided to just wait it out. One of the previous posts said they started out like I did and it got worse for a while and then it got better. Maybe that will happen to me once my skin adjusts. My face and I aren't on speaking terms today, though. It's being really icky. It's amazing how this can bring you down. A year ago, the acne I'm experiencing right now would have been a good day. But this past year my skin's gotten so much better that now I'm spoiled. I have this one cyst on my cheek (unusual for me) and it hurts so much. My upper lip area is covered in red pimples, my chin has gotten a bunch of new ones, and as I said, my forehead is a mess. And I hate her one step cleanser. I don't feel like it's cleaning my face at all, and when I use her toner, no matter how many times I redo it, there is still some makeup on the cotton ball (and all I wear now is a little bit of concealer and light powder-no foundation). There's no reason her cleanser, which she claims will completely remove all makeup, can't handle a little bit of concealer. So anyway, after the toner, I put on the BHA liquid with another ball, and more makeup shows up on it. What gives? Maybe that's why my skin is breaking out-it's never all the way clean. The order I put in a couple weeks ago, I bought the balancing cleanser instead of the one-step, so hopefully when it comes it will be better than this one. What else is a really good cleanser that really removes makeup well?
Sorry I'm ranting so long; I'm just really frustrated and feeling very ugly. But as long as it will get better eventually, I'm ok with it. I just wish it would hurry up!

This too shall pass.

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