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Apr 16, 2008
:confused:I am not sure what this is but I cannot afford a dermatologist right now and I have no insurance to cover costs, so any help would be greatly appreciated! I have [COLOR="black"]very[/COLOR] bumpy skin all over my face, you know, the kind that you don't quite notice until you're in the right light and then BAM! it looks all nasty?! I wear everyday minerals makeup (when I do wear make-up and it looks worse when I wear make-up), I've tried switching shampoos, I've tried a thousand and one over-the-counter cleansers because when I used to get these sometimes switching cleansers would get rid of them but now it seems some go away but then I just get more in other places. UGH!!! I've tried supplements to help it from the inside, candida cleanse, colon cleanse, all kinds of vitamins, exfoliating (different exfoliants), microdermabrasion, washing pillowcases every couple days, these things do not budge! and if they do, I get more in other spots after the others have disappeared, so my face is never clear anymore. Diane 35 helped with these a bit the first time I was on it but I tried Diane again a while back and it didnt seem to be as effective this time and I dont wish to go back on it right now. I don't wear makeup everyday and now I use Purpose cleanser and Eucerin everyday lotion (sensitive skin, hypo-allergenic) for moisturizing. I also use Freeman's Enzyme mask once in a while and Roc's microdermabrasion cleansing disks every once in a while. What am I doing wrong? Or what do I need to do? Are these clogged pores or something else? They are small (but big enough that I see them, enlarged!), flesh colored, and not only invading my forehead but my temples, and hairline....pretty much my whole face. Please help!!!

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