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Board Index > Acne | 0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z that would really suck. what are u using now? well i think for me this tazorac is pretty much the last resort for me before accutane, because the doctor said it was the strongest topical he had. so basically i'm gonna give it 2-3 months and if it doesn't start improving by the end of the second month like it said on the pamphlet i'll probably take accutane.
this is my first time using a topical retinoid consistently. (i've been prescribed retin a micro before, a long time ago, but i used it wrong and quit way too early so that doesn't really count i guess). i just figured with all the side effects of accutane (or at least the risk of them ) i should at least give this a really good chance to work ( 2-3 months). that way i can tell myself that accutane really was my last resort. and who knows, maybe (Hopefully!) tazorac will work for me. The derm seemed pretty confident in it and told me to be patient, so i'm trying even though this is sooo hard.
I mean my skin as been fairly clear for the past 2-3 years (i'm 21 now). And starting a few months ago it just randomly started to break out badly, so here i am.
Before i started tazorac my acne i guess could be classified as moderate. It was mostly (90 %) on and around my chin and on the sides of my face. My forehead was fairly clear, but had a lot of little bumps. And my checks were fairly clear, with the exceptional few bumps. I also had mild/mod acne on my chest, shoulders, and back, so i'm using tazorac on that too.
Anyway my back acne has improved a lot..i don't know if because of tazorac or just on its own. the chest acne is the same, if not worse. And my neck is breaking out for some reason which is strange.
I feel like i'm doing everything correctly in terms of using tazorac. I use it once per day before bed. I wash with a gentle cleanser (cetaphil liquid), wait 30-40 minutes, and then apply a pea size amount to my face, dabbing it on my forehead, sides of face and chin, and just a tiny bit on the cheeks close to my nose. Then after 3-5 minutes i rinse it off and that's it. I don't rinse off the tazorac on my back and chest because it's not as sensitive so it's fine. anyway my skin itself (aside from the acne lol)is ok. It's not peeling or too irritated..sometimes just a bit red or a little dry. So i feel like i'm doing everything i possibly can correctly. I also try to stay out of the sun and when i absolutely have to be in the sun (like walking to classes at the university) i apply a 30spf noncomedogenic oil free sunscreen for sensitive skin.
All in all, i'm doing all i if this doesn't work it woun't be my fault. But i'm breaking out pretty badly right now. Nothing horribly hideous or anything..but just a lot more bumps under the skin, some of which surface. I've noticed that they seem to come to a head somewhat faster now, unless it's just my maybe it's a sign it's working? what do u guys think? Anyway the most helpful thing to keep going with this is to get feedback from other people on this medicine or similar ones, so please help me out :) I have another derm appointment in about a week and see what he says..but i'm pretty sure he'll just tell me to be patient and wait another month or two which i HATE! lol

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