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I'll begin with the type of acne I had:

Many millions of tiny closed comedones, that were perma-zits, meaning I would have some of them for months, and months at a time. I would also have a smattering of red inflamed pimples that sometimes would come to a head, and sometimes not. Also, I would get cysts. Sometimes one a month, around that time, but frequently i would have one active, festering cyst at any given time. By the time I decided to try The Acne Cure, i was having some kind of cyst problem every day, no matter the time of the month. There was always one big active one on my face, one on the way out, and another on the way in. Sometimes i would feel more than one on the way. My acne started when i was about 14, and I'm 27 now, so yes, I was good and fed up with it. It has changed from the time i was a teenager to now, although to be honest, i don't remember exactly what it was like at every stage. Mostly, i just felt like i was covered in zits alllll the time. I've tried retin-a, a bunch of prescription topicals, antibiotics... mostly everything but accutane, as well as a host of natural remedies.

Before I go into how the Acne Cure's been for me, I will say that I have always been concerned with my health, and with eating good, healty, natural foods. I think being healthy is the best way to have good skin, and that the Acne Cure would not have worked nearly as well if I'd been packing my body with lousy food. You are what you eat. You are what you eat. That should be a mantra. That said, I will also mention that I think a cycle of infection can start in the skin that can be hard to beat without any sort of topical treatment. Cysts for example, are in many cases pimples whose "balloon of pus" burst inward, into the skin, instead of ******d, thus causing a bigger, more internal infection. SweetJade's entries, and other similar entries, are good ones to read about how food affects your body, and at the same time, it's helpful to read what other ppl are doing to the surface of their skin. After all, our skin has external things to deal with also, like pollution, our picking fingers, irritating soaps, shampoos, and cleansers, etc.

I first began the Acne Cure in June. Less than a week after I started, I had to travel a week for work, and wasn't able to keep up the full face-cleansing, antiseptic, cooling down procedure, so the end of June is closer to the time that I started doing the Cure with all seriousness. I was bad about July, and started up again in August. Some of this delay also involved my finding the right products for me, testing them to see if they would irritate me, and changing my routines a bit to accommodate the program.

I will say: I HAVE NOT HAD A CYST FOR 6 WEEKS. YIPPPPEEEEEEE! I can't feel a cyst anywhere either... you know how usually you can feel it, deep down there, even before it gets big and painful. I keep pressing around all the areas of my face after i wash my hands, looking for one sunk way in, waiting to come out big, red, painful, and THUMPIN', and nothing. Most of my little perma-zits are GONE, and they'd always been one of the most difficult things to get rid of- they hung on forever.

Now this is not to say my skin is perfect. I still get a couple painful zits at that time of the month. Not cysts, but red, irritated zits around my mouth or jaw. Also, recently, i broke out badly on my neck for some reason, and i think the heat, humidity, and my long hair definitely contributed to it, and it took a week of The Acne Cure to get it under control. Now it's starting to clear. I hadn't been using the Cure on my neck, which was silly on my part, since my neck is prone to breakouts in the summer.

My skin tone overall is more even, i think the red marks are fading faster, and even my pore size looks better. Instead of tiny white and pink comedones everywhere, i just have a few right where the phone rests (i use the phone a lot at work), and a couple on my chin.

Yes, I've been using the Acne Cure for over 6 weeks, and I plan to continue to use it longer until I'm totally clear, which, for the first time in years, i think i actually have a shot at. It's amazing that products i've known about for a long time, used in a simple, specific combination, can do what i haven't been able to do since age 14. I really don't mind if it takes a while, because i figure after 13 years of acne, i can wait a little while longer than 6 weeks to get clear.

The products i have been using are as follows:
BHA: Neutrogena Clear Pore Treatment, with 2% salicylic acid
AHA: Alpha Hydrox Oil Free Formula, with 10% glycolic acid
BP: Neutrogena on the spot acne treatment with 2.5% BP

I don't use a cleanser in addition to this. I think lots and lots of splashes of tepid water in conjunction with the exfoliation of the BHA and deep pore cleaning of the AHA are enough for my skin. For moisturizer, I'm using jojoba oil, and that's working fine.

You can search the threads on the Acne Cure, and find out how to do the BHA/AHA/BP and cool down w/o buying the book, but i would recommend by all means that you read the book at the library, buy it, or even sit down and read it at the bookstore. It's very clear, and informative, and worth the read. I don't agree with the author's every last word, but that's fine, since no one person can please everyone all the time.

If you're hesitant, I can only say give it a try. For me, it has cost overall less i think than the other things i was always trying out, and it's been so worth it. Nothing has made this much difference in this short a time. AND, no initial breakout period! The program is for the most part soothing, and non-irritating for my skin. There were a couple times where my skin would be a little too dry, or maybe mildly irritated, and i would just cut out the AHA or the BP for a day or two.

Also, it's been important for me to change my pillowcases every 2 days, and to be GENTLE to my skin. There's never an excuse to beat your skin up. If you were beat up, you wouldn't react nicely right? Neither does your skin. And do your best to eat well, and exercise. The positive changes will be more than just skin, and you'll be glad you did it.

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