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Well, I'm CLOSE to finishing accutane (been on it since mid May)...I've only got a few weeks left but my face looks virtually the same it did when I went on it. In other words, I no longer breakout (as much as I used to atleast), and all my blackheads and oil are gone.

But other than that my face looks exactly the same. Still just a crappy complexion w/ tons of red marks. Now, there's no way in HELL I'm waiting a year after accutane to get something like photoderm done, or even 6 months....I've waited long enough as it is. So I've decided to try it at 3 months after. I know that the guy that published the book on rosacea did photoderm 3 months after accutane w/ no problems so I don't think it will be a big risk, atleast not as big as something like microdermabrasion would be that soon after.

For those of you thinking on going on accutane and you have some money laying around......Get these things done NOW, BEFORE you go on accutane. Start w/ a clean slate....get rid of all (or most) of your problems right now from old breakouts, get the accutane, and watch yourself clear up. Then you'll only be dealing with the red marks from the accutane induced pimples (if there are any at all--I had no initial breakout at all) Honestly, if I had known to get microdermabrasion or photoderm or whatever before I went on accutane I could have a damn near flawless complexion right now!! :(

Anyway, what do you guys think? Has anyone ever heard of a derm saying NO to photoderm 3 months after? Or has anyone had bad experiences with it that soon after tane?

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