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Here's some background - I've always had oily skin w/some breakouts. In 2005/2006 I started eating very healthly, lost about 40 lbs, started exercising and started using AcneFree. My skin became completely clear. Fast forward to this past Feb - on SuperBowl Sunday I worked out hard, and later while watching the game - ate spicy hot wings and had some alcohol. When I woke the next morning my skin was itchy, burning and all broke out with a bumpy-pimply rash (all over - esp. forehead and chin). Tried everything to make it go away - everything made it worse.

Finally in March I got in to see a derm, who prescribed doxy (2x/day) and Differin at night (gave me samples). The first two weeks were awful - I had a terrible initial breakout and face was still itching, burning and now peeling. That finally went away around 2.5 weeks and since then my blemishes were becoming less and less. BUT I still have these small bumps - looks like a rash. And my skin has been CRAZY oily.

So, I went back to the derm for a 6wk check yesterday. He said I didn't look like an typical acne patient - that I only had a few actual pimples and the rest were irritated oil glands in my pores making the bumpy rash appearance (I forget how he exactly stated this). Anyway - he switched me to the doxy 1x/day, taking spiro 50/2xs day and switched from Differin to the Retin-A Micro once a day.

So (if you've stuck w/me this far!) my question is: If you've switched from Differin to Retin-A Micro (or any similar switch) did you get the initial breakout again? I have to be in public this weekend and don't want to use it if is going to break me out as bad as the Differin did in the beggining. My SIL has used it in the past and said it didn't break her out as much as it just burned/peeled in the beginning.

TIA for any help/suggestions. I've been off the Differin 3 days now when I ran out of the samples.

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