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Hey Michey,

I can't seem to locate any stores that have it in Canada....She got hers from a salon in the States...Her acne was cystic, really deep bumps...I think its a Swiss Company...She bought a sample pack for about $30 which came with a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and mask...The product is oil-free, non-comedogenic, no alcohol, no artificial fragrances or dyes...I notice the products have calendula in it, which is recommended by many homeopathics as a remedy for acne....It also contains Glycolic Acid which perhaps helped her even her skin tone..Do u think the fact that its a gentle system with botanicals and such helped her healing??? I mean I am on such strong exfoliating stuff like Retin-A and my skin always looks sore...But her skin looked so calm and healthy...She saw a difference in about 2 weeks...Before using this stuff I remember she used to squeeze the cysts and they would get soooo big and red...Man, I am so happy she found something that worked for her...I wish we all would....Will keep you posted....Oh, and my friend said the same thing u did about not wanting to do much to her face...People used to always tell her to see a derm but she didn't like the idea of being on medication...Just proves ur theory...

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