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First a little back round knowledge...I never got breakouts as a teen, they didn't start coming until I was 21 or so...My doc told me it was hormonal

OK so here's what happened to me...After almost 3 successful years of using Diane 35 (acne free and my skin actually got lots of compliments) I was told I must switch to YAZ because Diane can be very risky.

So I did, and for the first few months nothing happened...except I would get these awful headaches. So I stopped BCP all together and it wasn't long before my breakouts started coming back. It was mild but still bothered me. So I went back onto YAZ and it went down hill from there.

I waiting the 3 mths for the hormones to balance but after the time past I still got massive breakouts (mine are usually around the chin area... cheeks and forehead are completely clear) So I decided to switch back to Diane mid- month cause I could not handle it anymore.

So a month on Diane no significant improvements but the breakouts had really calmed down (it usually takes up to 3 mths for diane to regulate your system) Since I only got a months worth when I switched back over to Diane I went back and the doc and he prescribed me more but when I took it to the Pharmacy they handed me the Cyestra 35 and went on about how it is exactly the same. I had a bad feeling about the switch since I've already switched once mid month and now was going to have to again. They assured me it was fine. So I took it...

I got to about day 5 of the Cyestra before I freaked out. Before Cyestra I just had a few really small pimples and just scarring from previous ones. Now I have about 5 gigantic under the skin ones all over my chin! I am absolutely pissed and knew it was the Cyestra. I look online and compared ingredients.

Although Cyestra has the same active ingredients it uses "fillers". This is what sets it apart from Diane. Needless to say I was very upset, went back to the doc and he gave me a new prescription that said "No genetic form" on it. So here I am day one of being back on Diane (still mid-month) and praying no one else uses that stupid Cyestra. Hope that helped.

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