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It get cystic acne about twice a year, and it's only in one spot. It's the typical lump under the skin that hurts, can't be popped, and eventually goes away and leaves a scar. I do NOT want to get a prescription cream, change my diet, go on the pill, take antiobiotics, get a cortisone shot, or take medication for something that occurs so little, so I'm just looking for something to do while I have a cystic zit.

I've heard of taking ibuprofin to ease the pain, and using ice to lessen the swelling. Is there anything else to do that will temporarily help?
I get these too, but mine is about 1 every 2 months or so.

I use tea tree oil applied directly to the bump twice a day. The bump usually starts going away in about 2-3 days. This does not really help with the scarring, but I've noticed the sooner I stat using the TTO, the less scarring there is.
Ibuprophen is also an anti-inflamtory and will help ease the swelling. When I get one I usually take 2 per day (sometimes more) for about 1 week. Along with icing it.

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