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I have had folliculitis since I first started to shave. For those who dont know what folliculitis is, it's a condition similar to acne but is focused on how the hair grows in the follicle. If the hair is cut to short, it will have the tendency to curl benieth the skin causing inflammation,redness and/or ingrown hairs. White heads can also occur a day later. I was just wondering if anyone has this condition or maybe knows something about it. I really need to get more info about how to treat this. I use Benzaclin after I shave, then again at night. But I use it only once the next day. I let the Benzaclin dry for about an hour before I put on Clindamycin which takes away the dryness from the Benzaclin. I use the Clindamycin because it keeps my face rather clear. Lotions or other moisterisers will sting and cause harm to what the Benzaclin was working so hard to treat. Then I spray cologn on my face(very carefully)so I dont smell. [img][/img] My skin clears up in most spots, although I will sometimes have white little bumps on my neck or benieth the sides of my mouth. Is there any other remedies besides the Benzaclin and Clindamycin? I mean its working pretty well but I would like to know if there's any other ways to go about treating this. Your input is much appreciated :)

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