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First off, I just want to say that I've posted this in response to a few other threads, so I'm sorry if some of you have read this already. Also, this may not work for everyone (obviously) but I've had great results with it.

I had read about ClearLight and wondered if there was an at-home (and cheaper) solution. I saw the Verilux acne lamp advertised, but I was unimpressed with it's light output (which they don't go to great lengths to advertise). I saw another light advertised online, a much brighter one, which I bought to try. It's a GE Dichro-color Industrial blue light, which I would imagine is available wherever industrial or stage lights are sold.

I've used it for about a month now and I'm VERY impressed with the results. It's eliminated all but the most mild acne bumps, and I've been plauged with bad back acne for years. The only annoying thing is you really have to use it at least every other day for it to be effective (about 15 minutes per treatment). I stopped using it for about a week and had a reccurance (albeit mild), although that at least indicates it's working. I should mention that I'm still using both Salycilic Acid (2%) and Benzoly Peroxide (10%) Wash when I shower. These alone never achieved the results I've had when combined with the light.

The Clear Light treatment uses the exact same technology (the wavelength of the light kills bacteria), only much brighter and more intense. It sounds great and suppsosedly lasts longer, but it's WAY too expensive for my budget. $800 for 6 months of clear skin is MUCH too high a price when someone with moderate acne can do it at home for the cost of one of these bulbs (around $70). Most insurance carriers don't cover Clear Light (to my knowledge).

Has anyone else tried this? Also, does anyone know about NLight treatment for acne scarring? It's mainly used for wrinkle reduction in the States, but new studies have actually said that when used to treat acne scarring it actually *eliminated* back acne completely (hard to believe, I know).

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