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I also agree with you two that proactiv is inconsistent. Sometimes my skin gets worse and sometimes better, but I think that can be due to other factors as well. I am a girl, so I always blame it on my period. Whenever, I see a few extra pimples popping up, I freak out and then I say: oh, it's just the period. And then I calm down a bit. But eventually proactiv takes care of those and I get better, then that time of the month comes and I get it's up and down.

I think proactiv is marketed as a maintenance system as well as an acne-fighting system. It takes care of the acne in the beginning and then it just sort of keep away pimples afterwards. It's not a cure, it's a prevention and that's why acne comes back when you stop using it. So, don't even *think* about discontinuing your membership unless you think you've outgrown acne. I made that mistake the first time. "oh look! I'm cure. Now, I can save $50." Nope!

I agree with just_imagine that sometimes I seem to be immune to the product. In the beginning, I was so careful about using the product. Didn't wanna overuse, didn;t wanna forget a spot here or there. Then, after the acne is taken cared of and my skin has gotten used to the products, I could apply as much of the repairing lotion as I want (at night). Sometimes, I just sit in front of the TV and lose track of how much lotion I've put really does seem like a lotion after a while! But that's good as long as it still works. Because, who wants an acne-fighting product that overdries you like crazy anyway? I still can't use the sulfur mask more 2 or 3 times a week, though. Unlike the lotion, the mask WILL dry you out.

Because proactiv seems to stop working for a little while, sometimes I think whether I should just stop using it for, say, 2 weeks. And then go back to it and start the whole regime all over again. I once couldn't wash my face for a couple of days. And when I started washing my face with proactiv again, I got so many tiny bumps all over my face!!! and I mean alll over my face--nose, foreheads, chin, everywhere on my face!!! Just tiny white bumps, but you can still see them because there's so many of them. I guess proactiv was just getting rid of all the gunk that were build up from those missing days. I was so afraid that a couple of days off proactiv and I was going to get a relapse, but a few days into proactiv again, those bumps are gone, and I'm back to my old self. So, maybe to break the "immunity," we can just take a break from proactiv for a couple of days. (just a thought)

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