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Hi BabyGrl,

I have read some of your older other posts and they were quite encouraging to me, I am 21 & I too have been on the 'tane, and I too was cleared up by the end of it, thinking that I could now get on with my life & never have to be frustrated & anxious every minute of the day because of acne. But alas, 3 months later it started to come back, 12 months later I had had enough.I started another course of the 'tane. Right now I am 3 and half months in. [img][/img]

I dont know how I can help you, I so long for the day when I can look in the mirror & smile at myself, self-confidence is such an important asset to get anywhere in life. Similar to your situation Ive been told Im a cute guy, but I find it so hard to believe with all the red marks, scars & whatever assortment of acne I happen to wake up with each morning. At the moment Im a freaking beetroot face, I have already geneticaly inherited a fairly red face, now on the tane its ridiculous, today one of my friends just out and said "Dam your red" I replied "I know" None of my friends know Im on the 'tane, I feel too shy & self-concious to tell anyone. My true self is caged inside this acne prison. :mad:

My parents know, but I have quite a disfunctional family, none of us talk about anything meaningful. So I never talk to them about the mental anguish acne brings. All they know is that I pop a couple pills everyday for my acne, thats it...Its so good to be able to talk about it here on this board.

You put it so well in one of your posts, "Let me tell u a little about the mental abuse acne has done to me. I never had any confidence of myself. I avoided sunlight and all mirrors. I became a quiet and nonsocial person because i didnt want anyone to look at me." amen to that

All I can say is I know how you feel (or felt) & I am happy to listen, How long since you finished your course of accutane? What dosage for what amount of time? Did your derm put you on some kind of post-accutane regimen? (Something my derm didnt bother to instruct me on) When I finish this course of 'tane I'l be sure to have a skin-care regimen happening, Ive read about BHA & AHA's on here, I will probably get that regimen happening, I will also eat healthier (already started doing that!) And to top it off I will have a crack at vit B5 to keep my oil production down, since after finishing the first course of 'tane I got oily again pretty soon after. :(

I sincerely hope the acne doesnt come back for you, things were going so well right? I hope I too can one day face the world... and make FULL eye-contact. ;)

Hang in there, :)
Your Comrade.


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