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I am 29 and am Indian so I have a medium/darkish skin tone. I broke out a lot recently.... It left reddish purplish marks on my cheek. So i started washing my face with panoxyl 10% wash to reduce the acne. I also used the origins out of trouble mask. and then followed up with my usual Duac gel...Next morning I woke up with these discolored darker splotch where I used those products... It didnt go away after a few days, so then I was stupid enough to apply a LIGHTENER called MELADERM to it for ONLY one night...

Next morning, there was a STREAK of lighter skin in the middle of the discolorations which looks even WORSE!! the lighter streak is probably the same as my normal skin tone but sticks out in the middle of the blotch...

So its been 2 1/2 weeks since I first noticed the discoloration... It is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! It doesnt seem to be fading too much... What is bothering me more is the lighter streak in the middle which is harder to cover with makeup..

Have I discolored my skin permanently?? Will this fade?? I HATE the way this looks and Am OBSESSING... I was thinking of asking my doc for Azelex, but I am scared about it causing the streaked area to lighten even more since I have dark skin..
Anyone experience this?? What should I do??? HELP!!!

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