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hi there, i know there are other risks, of course ones that drs don't bother discussing w/ you thats why i research even if it scares me, cause like u said i read more bad stories then good, but my derms have said only good stories they have heard, and i said what about get sad we'll stop it, case closed, i said something about the hair, and they said it does NOT come off the crown area, my biggest concern, and only would be light shedding, if anything, like when you brush a very small amount you might see, but hair sheds every day, this won't be a noticable amount, and it will grow back whatever you shed anyhow, it isnt permemant, and doesnt mean its gonna happen, and they know my hair situation to start, so i wanna trust them.

as far as IBS i cant be very afraid of that one...i've had extremely severe IBS for my whole life, i only go once every few weeks and have worse then labor like cramps, pain is all i ever remember, so i dont have to worry bout gettin that one. the other things are very scarey to nooo doubt, but both derms. and iam looking for a 3rd's opinion now, lol, my insurance is going to cut me off i sware, cause i cant get enough professional opinions, cause what i read scares me so, and i dont take it lightly however every day i end up in tears over my skin, it makes me so sick to my stomache and at that moment iam willing to risk ANYTHING, when i calm down is when i research and scare myself, but when it comes down to it, i know i gotto do something.

anyone ever hear of the BC pill yaz helpin with big time oil?? you know my oil is very bad and is destroying my skin with huge pored scars if they would prescribe it w/o cystic acne, however i do not agree w/ the 60mg doseage i think its too high so if i 'go there', iam taking 1/ matter what iam scared, scared if i do nothing cause pitting continues to grow and get worse, its like i have horrid acne leaving scars w/p the horrid acne, its the weirdest thing, i guess they just dont know what more to do for me.

iam looking for any other option, like i said i've been on retina for years now. works for some not for me....i feel like a holey freak everyday, people stare i look awful and the oil just makes me look disgusting with the large holes in my face, w/in a n hour and no matter what iam doing my mood is ruined and i gotto rush home, its no life for my child. i wanna be aka normal, or normaler. i thought we dry up w/ age? *sigh* opposite here.

i hate the stares i just hate that soo many people take for granted a normal or even decent complexion.

thanks opinions all welcome plz. thanks, shelly

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