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I was scanning through some posts here talking about the effects of sugar, carbs and your diet in general on acne. The truth is, we all know, deep within ourselves that diet has its play in acne problem and other health related problem.

Let me start by saying that, not only do I have acne, but i have PCOS, lactose intolerance, am overweight of about....120lbs and have Chronic Fatigue syndrome (hence the reason why i spend a lot of time in a lot of those groups). On a daily basis, i suffer from migraines, nausea, back pain, allergies (no matter what season it is!), skin rashes on my body(not my face, thank God!), irregular menstrual cycle and God knows what else that makes me feel like crap every morning when I get up.

I've seen about 8 or 9 doctors in the past 3 years and none of them are able to pin point why my health is so problematic and what I can do to help myself. It gotten to a point where I was so fed up with all those problems that I got into a serious depression. Let me tell you that my doctor was quick on sending me to a psychiatrist, who put me on anti-depressants. He didn't have a problem finding the quick fix for that. And of course, the anti-depressant almost killed me. The first night i took them, I swelled up like a balloon, stopped breathing and was conscious enough to call an ambulance. I came close to swalling my last pills, but after that "little" incident, I decided it was going to be my last pill anyways. You'd figure that a doctor would try to ensure that such medication is compatible with me and would not cause any problem. Nope!!! It was like "Yeah, you're mental, so take this". No test or anything!! Anyways, since that, i refuse to believe in medicine and it's great technologies. I am not afraid to say that I am my own doctor amd i prescribe my own medication to myself. I mean, who cannot research a little bit and figure out what one has. Sure, we don't all know the physiology of the human being as it is really complex, but when i look at doctors, digging in a symptom book that then tells them what i have, i'm like "hey, i can do too"!!

So today, after reading all these posts, I can't help but ask myself WHY? Why is medecine forcing us into distructing our health? Why is the food industry advising of drinking milk and bread when the scientist behind it knows it's harmful? Why don't doctors take the time to really do their task and assist people in their healing process? Why do we need to poision our children with all those vaccines? Why do they say that taking 1 tylenol a day will increase your longevity?
And most of all, why can't they just be real about acne and educate people properly about it. Don't they know that lives are ruined because of that conditions? Don't they know that teenagers want to end their lives because their self-esteem are destroyed?

Why is it such a bad thing to be healthy? I'll tell you why: because healthy people doesn't make the health industry grow and maximize its profit.

Call me a crazy conspiracist, but this is North America people. It's all about the money!!! It's not about the health and the well being of a nation.


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