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***PART 2***
Side Effects Details:
THE MAIN ONE: The Initial Breakout is still going strong.. I was thinking about posting A PRE-MONDAY update because My initial breakout was changing from practically ALL whiteheads (30-40+) to 10-20 whiteheads and 4-6 cysts. I had never seen that many cysts in my life.. I actually got my first REAL kinda indented scar right next to my left sideburn... so its not that obviouis... Im scared that all my other cysts will turn to scars.. I have seen people who are clear but have alot of scars and I FEAR that the initial breakout will take over my face with swollen cysts and then an sftermath fo scars!!! I dotn think so now.. My DERM said it shouldnt get ANY worse than this.. (not saying it will look better, but it wont get any worse.. or at least it SHOULDNT) But that by the ned of this month I should start to begin to see my ACNE clearing up.. OH MY GOD!!! Im f&%king longing for that day.. I just cant stand knowing I have another month AT THE MOST to have my face like this.. This is definietly the HARDEST thing I have had to go through my WHOLE LIFE so far (only 16 years old) WAIT..........................HOW DID THE "SIDE EFFECTS DETAILS" PORTION SOMEHOW TWIST INTO BEGIN SORT OF "MY THOUGHTS". I dont know.... But I'll try to wrap it up..Anyway the CYSTS I started getting last sunday are almost healed. I HOPE I DONT GET ANYMORE!!! And now the whiteheads are coming back.. I have SO MANY RIGHT NOW.. I dont know even how to describe it, and I dont know if I want to... Face still gets red,, notcing it more now than wever.... Lips still chapped, not that big of a deal, I got my AQUAPHOR. My back hasnt been hurting that much lately, Just sometimes I'll be sitting there and I will feel some of my muscles 1 at a time sort of jiggleing... LOL.. I dont know. No big deal.. "Havent" had 1 NOSE BLEED since the LAST TIME I talked about them.. I guess thats good (: |) But I would MUCH RATHER have my face ""LESS"" F$%KED up and have 4or5 nose bleeds a day than have my face like this.. OH WELL, Theres nothin I can do about it... I just gotta stay strong.. WHICH IT SO HARD.. I find myself barely making it to 4th perios and going home from there.. ANY CHANCE I HAVE I will leave school and go home.. (AS LONG AS I WONT MISS A BIG TEST OR ANYTHING BIG, I ALWAYS MAKE SURE I WONT MISS MUCH, IF ANYTHING) ANyway side effects are NO BIG DEAL, Except for the initial breakout...!!!!! I HAVE STRONG ANIMOSITY FOR THAT S#!T!!

Side Effects Overview:
~Face Redness
~Chapped Lips
~Initial Breakout !
~Change In Mood
(Not Depression, Just Frustrated and Sad About How My Face Looks & How I Have To Go 2 School Everyday)

~Little Muscles Spasms Sometimes
~Dry/Soar Eyes
~Hardly Anymore Dandruff
~Get Sleepy

Good Things This Entry:
Absolutely NOTHING!

Comment This Entry:
"I still HATE this initial breakout!"
"I HATE the way my whole LIFE is going right now, EVERYTHING sucks! If I could just NOT go anywhere.... I would be 75% more fine!"
(OK, that second one was more than a quote, but who gives a F#&K!)

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