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I've been using 5g of B5 a day for just over two months and I'm pretty sure I had a big breakout around the 3 week mark (and still have loads of red marks from it... urgh). Since then it's been up and down. One day I will get maybe one very small whitehead and the next I will get 5 fullblown zits. That's one of the things that I hate so much about acne - it makes you feel happy at one time and a few hours later you can feel so sad.

But anyway! I've been noticing more and more blackheads on my face than I ever remember and I was wondering if this was from the B5 clearing my pores out.

I did have a lot of raised bumps (kind of blackheads with a lot of stuff in) right next to my nose and I squeezed a lot of them out and my skin felt so much smoother. (I'm glad I did it but because I did, I got quite a big zit - silly me).

My acne is worst around my chin and I've noticed a lot of these bumps there - especially the sides of my chin. I was wondering if it was all the crap in my pores trying to get out. I daren't squeeze them because I know I will just get huge zits and I already have enough around my chin.
If I kind of stretch my skin under a light, I can see where all the bumps are. My theory is that the zits I'm getting now are from those bumps becoming infected.

Does any of this make sense? lol.

Also, is there any way of removing these bumps without squeezing them? I know that if I squeezed them stuff would come out. You can only see them if you stretch my skin - normally they aren't visible.


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