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Hormonal Acne!!!!!
Jun 14, 2008
Hi all...

I've been told by my doctor and the esthetician that I see that I have hormonal acne (only occurs on my chin and jaw area, NO WHERE else on my face) so my doctor prescribed Minocycline... but I recently stopped taking it because I don't like being on antibiotics for an extended period of time...

So... I've been researching different herbs that balance hormones. I mean, my chin area is clear up until my period, then it gets really bad and usually doesn't have a chance to completely heal before the next month. Viscious cycle.

Has anyone tried Evening Primrose, Agnus Castus, Saw Palmetto? All of these are herbs to balance hormones to decrease acne... any experiences?
Yea, i only ever get acne around my chin and jaw too. occasional one on my cheeks, but very occasional, and never had one on my forehead!(touch wood)

Dont know if mines hormonal or not, but possibly as ive been relatively clear for the past year but broke out quite badly the past few weeks (no idea why)

so if you do find some magic herbal medicine, please share! :D All i can suggest is keep very well hydrated :)

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