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:confused:I was just getting ready to start a thread on this actually because I have the same problem. I had just a few spots on my chin and the rest of my face was clear so in trying to figure out how to fix the spots I went on Saw Palmetto for a bit and I don't know if it was the brand of SP or what but my skin didn;t really appear to be any better and it almost seemed more oily. So thinking that wasn't working I decided to take the opposite route and try Vitex (agnus castus) in hopes of some relief. Well instead of relief I have been getting those hard lumpy type of acne, not sure whether they're cystic or nodular or what but they're deep and really don't have a head but they don't really hurt either. They're just kinda there. So I don't know if this is just an initial breakout type thing or that I should quit taking it altogether? I've only been on it less than a month but I know this acne was caused by the vitex because I've got alot of it and I haven't had this kind in a long time. Anyone have any comments or suggestions???? Should I stop taking this???

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