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Re: Accutane :[
Aug 12, 2009
[QUOTE=chrissyx23;3616206]i'm 16. and since i was literally in about sixth grade i've had acne. it started with a litte on my chin so at a young age i started wearing cover up and alot of makeup now years later i have it severly with alot of scars all round my chin and cheeks. it seems none of my friends struggle with acne like i do. i cry over my acne at least once a week and i know its pathetic to care about what other people think about me. but it makes me feel so insecure. now i'm in the summer before my junior year in highschool and i'm on my fourth day of accutane. so far all i've done is cried. and gained extremely unbearable dry skin. i have a few questions so anyone out there that can help i'd appreciate it. ok so, does the dryness stay this way through the whole five month treatment? and also i am starting to get coldsore things around my lips and the corners o my mouth is that common?, what type of mostruizer will work the best for my dry skin on my face? is there a certain type of soap or tips that can reduce the dryness, i cant really move my mouth. and other girls, can accutane affect your period? because i'm not having sex. i'm on birth control. and i am taking the pills that cause me to get my period right now and i am not getting it? i'm very confused and if anyone could answer those questions it might help thank youuu.[/QUOTE]Hi Chrisy, go back to your dermatologist because you are on Roaccutane (same as accutane), this is not a place to discuss that medication with just anybody. The medication reacts differently to everybody and in your case you ONLY discuss this with your doctor who prescribed it. Your lips need a sunblock lipstick at all times. Do not wear makeup of start using any moisturisers. Ask your doctor as they have suncreams that you can use. If you get cold sores use Zovirax cream until you see you doctor. Go make an appointment.

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