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Acne sucks
Sep 9, 2003
my skin looks great,the scarring is smmoothing out and people are saying i look better than ever.i even like looking at the mirror at myself.even with my bad acne problems i still managed to build a beautiful house on 9 acres with a stream running through people dont know how good you have it compared to my skin was a mess through my teen years and soon as i hit 18 my mom told me to leave the house because she was going through a messy divorce.yes acne does leave mental scars for life.i do have social phobia because of this but drugs like paxil can help.but now i get out and am starting to enjoy life and i can eat anything i want without worrying about my skin breaking out!!!!!!yea i cant have sex but least im living a life now instead of hiding because i was ashamed of my acne problems.i told my derm way back before accutane even came out on the market about it.i try to keep on top of the latest research on acne and any credible site will tell you acne is a hormonal problem that causes your sebacious glands to produce more oil that causes acne.spironlatone is the best treatment i ever had for acne.why do u think a lot of transexuals have problems with their skin being too dry.its because not that much into girl stuff but i look at it this way if i gotta change sex to keep my skin clear that isnt that bad because their are a lot of cool girls out there like lara croft aka angie jolie.if you look at it being a les might not be that bad guys.least i dont have to put make-up on to hide my bad skin.see u really have to do less girl crap if ur skin is clear.i know some of this sounds goofy but look at the posts made by ppl here.they are so unhappy that they dont care about just thankful i found something that finally worked on my skin after all these years.yea i like being a guy but being a girl is nothing to be ashamed of.if you want you can still stay a guy but after awhile u might just start looking like a girl.and if someone says oh god made u male or female at birth then what did he make a lot of intersexed people.the only regret i have is they didnt change my sex at birth a least i wouldnt have had this nightmare of an acne problem because i wouldnt be producing any testostorone.

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