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Well, I can see no one missed me or noticed I was gone, but I haven't been here for about 2 months.. why? because ive been completely clear. For those who read my accutane journal, i had pretty severe acne all over my face/chest/back.. it was horrible and it damaged my self esteem so much. I went on accutane, and got up to 120 mg per day during the 4th month i believe.. i stayed on for 6 months, the last month being just 40 mg a day. And im happy to say that I am completely clear with no scarring. There is still a few marks on my chest, but nothing that matters.

I can't begin to explain the freedom I now have. Before I wouldn't sleep out because i was too embarrased to wake up with new zits that people could see, and i would feel wierd using someone elses pillow, because my face would be all over it. I couldn't take off my shirt. I couldn't be social really. I still went out, but I never really enjoyed myself. I stopped doing a lot of things that I enjoyed.

Now that i'm clear I go out whenever i want, i go to the pool at least once a day, play sports, walk around with no shirt on, when i shower i don't take hours.. i just go in.. wash my hair.. rinse my face with water, and go out.. i can sleep anywhere i want (this includes sleeping at girls houses or with girls).. i've got a new girlfriend.. and my ex-girlfriend is trying to get me back (not to brag)..

What they say is true, when its not there you really don't think about it. My acne was so bad that i would look at people who do have some acne and just assume they didn't have any.. so i would feel more alone and uncomfortable. .but now I can see that almost everyone that i see has some blemishes.

I had no bad side effects from accutane, although it was a pretty painful 6 months, and I was ready for it to be over.. but im SO glad that I did it... best decision ive made.

if anyone has any questions, feel free to post them here.. thank you all for your help.. goodbye

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