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I get oily skin on the top part of my back and chest through to my scalp, where even my ears daily become oily.

I shower everyday to wash off the oil, where i sometimes will shower twice or even at times if it gets worse i have in the past 3 times in one day.

I'm 23 and male, and reaching the end of my puberty, and i am unsure of why i still get this oily skin or over excessive oil around the top part of my body. It is quite uncomfortable to partake in daily activities at times, and i definitely shower in the morning/it is a first priority.

What creams or what is the chemical or ingredient should i be looking out for if im to try tadn look for products. I am not concerned about the pimples, it is actual oil, as i don't really get a lot of pimples, i have had this skin condition for the past 10-12 years or so now, so im really unsure why i do get this.

I have been to a few doctors, and each have said to drink lots of water and limit the number of showers i have per day and that it is a part of growing up etc. yet no actual solution to dissolve the oil or any actual creams or powders.

Otherwise i'm not sure what to do anymore, and it isn't very healthy as i feel uncomfortable during the day/i don't wear tight fitting clothing around my neck, or scarfs.

I have been to a dermatologist and have been told that it is acne, though then again not fussed about the fact i get one or two pimples/i hope i don't get any, but still, it is the actual [U]oil[/U] that makes me feels horrible throughout the day and sometimes night even when it is around the top part of my back, chest, neck, face and ears, if i touch my face i will get really oily fingertips.

Thankyou in advance for any advice!
some people just have really oily skin, it's not uncommon. I myself still suffer from oily back, scalp, between my breasts, etc. (mostly in places I sweat)

Overshowering can sometimes make your skin more irritated which creates more oily, so I do recommend to cut down the showering. Also, oily skin can also be because if you have a lot of body hair, that produces oil on the skin.

The best treatment is using a shampoo when you shower that says 'daily clarifying' on it. That is usually made for buildup in the hair (hairgels, mousse, or oil). change your pillowcases, sheets, etc. about twice a week (this may sound like a lot but it should reduce acne if your skin is clean. Also wash your face with antibacterial soap at least once a day (preferably when you wake up). (I usually do it twice). You can also take vitamin C to build up your immune system to fight off acne.

-hope I helped
just my two cents but the oil is pretty much there to stay and you are lucky that you don't have a lot of clogged pores. most guys take accutane to rid this problem and i must say it knocks it out for good. i know what you mean about feeling uncomfortable, sometimes too much oil even has an odor cause the skin doesn't dry out. the scalp smells sometimes within an hour. your body makes too much oil and the drug accutane helps rid that problem. of course that's only my suggestion and it needs to be your decision. thanks

Thankyou to everyone that has responded, it's good to know that im not alone, and the helpful advice is good. My diet has always been healthy/ i always ate a wide variety of foods though i used to be really skinny as a child and i thought that was the case, but now im sort of the ideal weight not skinny anymore, and i still get oily skin.

One major factor though was i never got good sleep, since i have last posted. i guess saying that getting good sleep is a key factor to my situation, (writing it down and stickng to it)ive been getting better than decent sleep. The reason why is because i have always woken up in the night to go to the toilet or early in the morning, and its just now that i have stopped drinking fluids an hour before i go to bed. I have gotten myself checked out due to my bowel, and have stopped caffeine in my diet for the past month, because of all this and that i have a fast metabolism.

Anyway, becuase im not waking up in the middle of the night, my skin/body has produced less oil, in the evenings im less needing to shower, so if this helps anyone out there, than thats great! Otherwise ill really pay attention to my diet, though it is healthy, i eat a wide range of foods, but i also do junk out on unhealthy foods more than often, so ill be cutting down on sweets and the sort and see if this helps.

Showering a day might be for a while but, not exactly sure how long till my oily skin goes away, but yes the doctor had also said that i am at my peak of growing up/puberty, so it should go away in a few years. None of my parents have oily skin, so thats' a relief.

anyway cut it short, ill try the products you and advice everyone else has mentioned and hope that as tiem goes so does the oily skin.

Lemon washes/juice i don;t know what the deal is with that, but ill give it a go anyway and see it's effect, a friend of mine says it's good and others have said so too.

I don't suffer from OCD, but my face is extremely oily and I am 45. My skin has always been this way and so is my hair. I have to wash my hair everyday or it looks like someone has poured oil in it. So I personally don't think that just because you think that your skin is really oily that you have OCD unless maybe you think that your entire body is oily. I keep hoping that as I get older that I will not have that problem, but so far it hasn't made a difference. Good luck, from Grandma1963

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