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Hello again,

I agree with you about the antibiotics. Antibiotics kill both the bad and good bacteria in your body. Your digestive system holds billions and billions of different types of bacteria and antibiotics kill these indiscriminately and upset the balance. Upsetting the balance of bacteria in your colon and digestive tract can cause all sorts of problems as you do not absorb the vitamins and minerals in your food as well. Don't forget that everything you eat and drink must be absorbed by your digestive tract. The bacteria in there keep bad things out and let good things in. Be sure to supplement your diet with probiotics to help maintain the balance.

Like birth control pills, I do not think that taking antibiotics just for acne is worth it.
I am NOT belittling the problem of acne, believe me, as this is something I have suffered with all of my life (at the age of almost 42 I STILL have acne and have had it all of my life, even WITH the b/c pill). After having tried many different types of acne treatments and creams etc.., I have personally found that if I wash my face with simple soap and water every morning and then apply some pressed powder to my face, this actually keeps the acne at bay. I think the pressed powder may soak up the sweat or something and keep my face dry. I also have to keep from touching my face as I often do when I have a breakout as this makes things worse. The face washing and pressed powder application can be done twice a day if necessary. Why not try this instead and see if it works. I have had stubborn acne all of my life and I too was put on pills when I was younger and nothing seemed to work. Stress is also a big factor in breakouts and I find that when I am under the gun, I tend to break out more. So trying not to freak out about stuff also helps. Just remember that shit happens and nothing is worth going crazy over.

Best of luck and I hope you manage to solve your problem.

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