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Hi M :wave:

Thanks for the support!

I think you will have a good day again-it took me almost three years to get to where I am right now, and I STILL have red marks. They take a long time to go away. The RAM helps, b/c it sheds the top layer of skin...also, it's a bit bleaching. Even so, it's a slow process.

I'm just so over the whole thing. I don't even wear make-up any more(and I have scars and red marks). It's hard to explain, b/c I care about my skin, but I guess I just got to a point where I had to accept it. I think I'm finally starting to look better, or maybe I just feel better, I don't know. Today, I got a compliment from someone I haven't seen in awhile--it's the 1st "you look good" I've gotten from anyone for three years! Needless to say, it felt good hearing it; I used to take it for granted until I stopped hearing it altogether. Sometimes I catch a glance of myself, and I see the red marks, or scars, and it's a let down, but lately, I'm really trying to view myself in a flattering light(no pun intended). I think it really works. I realize that I'm not that ugly, and I'm actually kind of pretty. I'm trying not to be so hard on myself--you should really give it a try.

Glad you had your 2nd treatment. It takes time to see results. Just be patient, even though it's hard to do so when you feel awful. Eventually, you'll start to look better, either by these treatments, or as the result of sheer time passing.

Is your entire face red, or do you just have spots? If your entire face is red, why is that?

I wish the best of luck to you, and think of you often. I hope to hear good news from you soon. Don't give up [img][/img]

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