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Hey Monarch (love that name LOL!),

Thanks so much for the advice and support. Unfortunately - I do not wear makeup, so it is not makeup that is making me break out. I wish it were that simple! As for face wash - I use walmart's brand of Cetaphil cleanser which has basically nothing except water and steryl alcohol in it - so it's not that either.

In fact, here I am on day 5 of my cycle and I have just broken out with 3 new cystic pimples......I was thinking about stopping eating sweet stuff altogether and managed it for two weeks, but broke down last night and ate about ten cookies. I can't do that.

Anyways - just an update - my gynecologist called me last week after the results of my hormone blood tests came back. She wants me to come in next week for an ultrasound to screen me for [B][U]PCOS!!!! [/U][/B]I NEVER thought that I would be at risk of having PCOS - my cycles and periods are as regular as clockwork with every cycle being 26 days long give or take a day or two here or there. Anyways - according to her, my FSH and LH hormones are at an out-of-whack ratio and this could be a sign of the earlystages of PCOS.

So - next week it's off to the gynecologist - while drinking bottles of water! - to go get my ovaries checked out on ultrasound! NEVER had an ultrasound before and quite apprehensive!!!!


[QUOTE=Monarch7;3669522]I feel your pain! I'm a 36 year old female whose finally figured something out. I have tried everything except Accutane and was told that was my only hope. I have had cystic acne for a couple years and it was very embarrassing and painful. I've had to get a steroid shot because my eyelid was swollen from a cyst. The biggest thing that helped me was changing base makeup. I went to Merle Norman - they have a website - and got the delicate line. Their mineral powder has like 3 ingredients total and the coverage is great. I have used 3 other mineral powders and was very disappointed. They just didn't cover and it felt oily even though I have dry skin.

I have also used many face soaps and washes and fell in love with the Oil of Olay wash for sensitive skin. NO break outs.

I was desperate and ready to just fall over from the agony. I was willing to buy anything. I have not had ONE cyst since I switched just two products. Dermatologists, like any other doctors, don't know ALL about you and how your body works. Only WE know what works for us and what we have been through.

I've tried watching the foods and drinks and can also report that pizza breaks me out every time, but nothing else. :)

Peace to you and your new confidence...[/QUOTE]

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