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Jul 24, 2003
how about that horrible reflection you get in shiny car windows? I hate that! i wonder sometimes what kind of person I would be today if I had grown up with clear skin. i think i would've accomplished a lot more but I don't think I would be as kind as I am now. I can believe some of the rude things you guys have posted that people have said to you. Why do people feel the need to let you know you have acne? Like you don't know? anyways, I'm new to this guys sound cool...
Nov 7, 2006
This is the only thread that i have read every single post because i relate to it so much. It's why i thought it should be revived. I dont think anyone at school or any of my friends have ever remarked about my skin, most likely because my acne never got severe until the summer after i graduated, although i struggled with steady breakouts through high school and moderate ones on my back(my proms were always ruined). When i finally started accutane, i was a couple days into it and was kind of happy because I felt like finally the acne was going to be gone. I went to visit my aunt and she was like, Why are you breaking out so badly? In front of my family. It's like HOW SHOULD I KNOW? I held back tears and when i got in the car i cried and cried to my mom about why she had to point out how bad it was in front of everyone. My mom is the only one who truly knows what ive gone through. She has bought every silly little product and pill ive ever tried to kill my acne. Most of them found on this board. I told her that soon my acne would be clear and then my family will wonder why I look so good instead of bad. My face did clear, and its been clear about a year. My face acne is now starting to creep back into my life slowly, and i'll probably have to go on accutane again eventually, but my body acne has still not returned, which is good. Just wanted everyone out there to know that i have cried and cried over this problem. People without acne dont understand. Throughout my completely clear period, I had forgotten how great it was to wake up with no new pimples, and the first time i got a zit, i cried myself to sleep. If i can even forget how bad it is after ive been through it, then i KNOW clear skinned people will never ever understand. At least we have each other. Sorry for the long post, i had to vent.

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