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Hello everyone, I'm taking yasmin and 100mg of spiro and I am hitting my 3rd week. how long does it take to see results? I had a bad breakout with a ton of whiteheads and pink ones tender to the touch. I was wondering if this is normal? I was on yaz(yaz cleared all my little pimples but it created huge painful underthe skin ones that scarred my face terribly) for 6 months and I switched to yasmin thinking it was going to get better but it got worse so I started spiro and I had a huge intial breakout that my face hurts. I'm just wondering if this is normal, I also feel a little warmer and tend to want to sweat. would like to know if anyone else has experienced this.. I need a little encouragement that I'm not alone =/
hey everyone, I was on yasmin and I switched back to yaz and a week in I'm suffering a bad breakout! like 5-6 pimples instead 1-2. I'm freaking out terribly. does anyone know why this is occuring? I've only been on yasmin for 2 months. and I went back to yaz thinking my face would get better but its only getting worse and plus I'm on 200mgs of spiro. spare me the misery already my goodness. how long is it going to take for my body to adjust to yaz again?
Arelias, Since you have increased your dosage to 200mgs, you will start to clear, but you have to wait it out cause you haven't been on it long enough. I know that it's bad now, but hang in there, it will work. The switch to yaz will adjust too. The Yaz has less estrogen and your body will get use to it again. You obviously needed the higher dosage since you are still breaking out. I repeat this again to you that your skin will be clear by the 4th to 5th month and then it will stay that way. Drink lots of water too. That's the way Spiro works. What your going through is normal.

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