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[QUOTE=kilgore52;4013333]HEllo. Please hang in there. It is too soon to see big improvement yet. It was probably on the 3rd month that I had good skin and then on the 5th month, i had flawless skin. 100 was not enough for me after the 3rd week. I jumped to 150 for two weeks and then 200 and am on Yaz too.That amount was the max and then i was really clear and have been for a year now. It is great with no side affects for me. I have bloodwork and I'm always fine. I have found several doctors that don't go past 100mgs, but my first doctor out of state who only deals with acne says to do the trick for hormonal women is 200mgs. I know that it is the amount I need to clear my cystic acne. I will take this until I have children and then I will have to start after children cause I will not ever get rid of it until menopause begins when i'm older. That's how it runs in my family with the women. I'm not looking forward to getting off though cause the problem comes back. Sad but true. Spiro prevents but doesn't cure. Nothing really does when you are hormonally vulnerable. I wish I had known about this earlier in life. I would have been so much happier in college. Good luck.[/QUOTE]
well thank you so much... its just soo frustrating to look around and see people with beautiful skin and yoiu look in the mirror and you full of acne. Acne is like the worst thing that has plagued my life and I want to defeat it once in for all! I have 2 more weeks left of my spiro and I'm going to see my dermatologist soon so I'll ask him to bump me tp 200 mgs. when you started the 200mgs, did you see dramatic improvement or did you still experience downtime? thanks so much for your advice.
You really need to stay on bcp with the Spiro. I had the same feelings about yasmin and switched to Yaz and like it a lot for me. Most doctors will suggest the bcp with it because it can mess up your period. I suggest going to your obgyn and tell him that you want to switch maybe to Yaz and start spiro . I started at 100mgs for a week to see how I felt and then up to 150mgs and then the 3rd week 200mgs and when you reach 150mgs, that when you can start counting the 5 months it takes to clear. You doctor needs to monitor you though.I will tell you that most doctors don't want to give more than 100mgs.

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