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I'm 25 and I started Accutane in May 2008... It did get worse before it got better and I've documented the pictures so I can encourage myself through the process... sometimes thus far, it feels like some of the regression days are so terrible...

I have suffered through the scabbing nose, ears and cheeks and I can recommend the best lip balm for him because he will most definitely need it.

1. Lip Vitamins

2. Kiehl's Lip Balm #1

And for lips and inside his nose at night time when he starts scabbing - use Aquaphor, [B][U]NOT [/U][/B]Vaseline or Triple Antibiotic Ointment (like Neosporin)
I was on Accutane for 6 months my junior year of high school. I'm a female and had dealt with bad acne since 11. Tell you son it takes about 2 months to really see the results he's expecting but it is worth it. I remember trying on a dress for winter formal and was so happy because I didn't have to cover my back. (i had bad acne on my back). I have a few tips

He'll hate this one but burts bees moisturizing lip balm or stick or whatever works wonders once the dryness comes. Also to help the dry skin that occurred everywhere I recommend finding a lotion/body creme that is not too thin or thick. The thicker it is the longer the skin takes to absorb and the thinner it is the less effective. I used all burts bees products while on accutane. For the face I used neutrogena moisturizer.

Also I've been off for about 5 years but my acne has never come back as bad as it was before. I can manage it with neutrogena acne kit now. Much cheaper than the products, (gels, creams and pills) i was taking pre-accutane.

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