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Hey everyone!! New chick on the block. I just wanted to give some of my insight and advice on Acne.
Let me give a little background on myself. I am 31 and have suffered from acne since I was 16. My skin has finally settled down some but it was a lot of experimenting and work that got me to where I am. Let me share.
When I was 16 and up until a couple of years ago I always broke out with awful and painful cystic pimples. I tried everything from Retin-A to anything that drugstores would come out with promising or claiming that it would make your acne go away or whatever and I even tried the expensive lines that you could only buy in a Salon. Anyway, it was all the same in my opinion. So, I basically said screw this and tried my own ideas from a lot of research and hard work. Here's what I came up with and also what I use.
Eat lots of fruits and veggies and try for the most part to eat a healthy diet. I eat healthy during the week and cheat on the weekends. Drink lots & lots of water BIG TIME. Wash your pillow case every couple of days. Pull your hair back before bed. Also, try to keep your hair away from your face during the day. Get an adequate amount of sleep. Learn to love yourself and accept yourself so you can be at peace within. Trust me on that one. I know how ****ty you can feel about yourself when you have acne. So, love and accept you as is. Try not to be so STRESSED in life. Stress is one of the biggest factors for acne. And DON'T SMOKE CIGARRETTES!!!! Trust me I used to be a smoker. Drink Green tea instead of coffee.
For products I use Nuetrogena Acne line. Awesome stuff.
And one more thing as far as vitamins go, I take a multi vitamin, vit.c, vit.e.
That is it. And now my skin looks so much clearer and I don't breakout anymore!!
I lied I have one more thing to share. I bought Oil Of Olay Regenerist Serum. So far so good. I am left with some scars from my acne and this serum seems to be filling in the dents and taking the scars away! We shall see.
I hope this has been somewhat helpful!!

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