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Re: Omega 3 advice
Aug 16, 2008
[QUOTE=ballin4388;3690463]where did you get it? how much did it cost? and is it safe to take that much on a daily basis?[/QUOTE]

I get the type we use from our local health food store. I have seen it also in Whole Foods. They probably also have it at GNC. It depends on your own budget of course. I think it is expensive. The person who told me about it said to buy the highest amount of EPA and DHA you can get for the money, also paying attention to the purer types. We use "Nordic Naturals" It comes with different flavors, like orange and peach. It comes in capsules too, but it is a bit cheaper as a liquid, you just have to get over the psychological hurdle of taking oil. It is also a bit messier too of course. I think it runs about twenty dollars for an eight ounce bottle. You should keep it in the refrigerator also.
I couldn't begin to advise you on a long, long term basis. However, I think if you can see some improvement keep it up. Once you have cleared up, taper off until you see the results you want. Two people I know have been taking it long term for a long time. One is a man in his forties who swears by it and says he takes a tablespoon twice a day and has taken it regularly for over a year and a half. It cleared his skin, helped with energy and even mood. He told my son and I he could take a tablespoon three times a day. My son took it twice a day for about three days and his skin cleared rapidly. He now takes one tablespoon a day, maybe three times a week. His skin still looks good. He had acne on his face, some on his back and some on his chest. Everything has cleared. He is eighteen years old.
Best wishes to you. I hope it helps. Give it some time.:)

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