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Hey everyone!
Well, I have had acne issues since puberty. I have done everything, including accutane which worked but caused other side effects and what not..and the acne is somewhat back anyways.
I came off the birth control pill about 8 months ago as well. so i broke out a bit, but not too too bad.
I have scars from previous acne (the indent kind and creases) and i REALLY desperately want to diminish them before my wedding! they create shadows on the face and what not..not nice for wedding pictures
It seems that everything i try (cleansers, exfoliators etc) to try and help my acne just makes it worse.
I recently bought a crap load of products from paulas choice and i used the aha ONCE and now i am covered with tiny pimples.
I desperately need a new regime that will help my skin for my wedding
i also need to know the best treatment for the type of scars i have.
will chemical peels do the trick? or laser? im terrified of laser treatment for fear of it becoming worse. i have heard horror stories.
PLEASE PLEASE any help, suggestions, opinions, your stories!

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