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[QUOTE=kilgore52;3717749]after 35 years of having cystic acne along with my 2 sisters, I can def. tell you that it's hormonal and nothing but accutane , spiro and menopause are the only thing we have found that stops this. it's a gene that is inherited from what my endo. says and no topical can stop what happens from waY down in the deep pore that forms a cyst. only the 3 things will do it. it's been a struggle for everyone in my family. one has great skin now due to menopause, one from accutane and the other from spiro and accutane combo. There is no known cure for hormonal acne unless you try these 3 ways. sorry to tell you but we have tried every detox, vitamin, herb. peel, laser and nothing works but this. the oily omega vitamins only add more oil. it's the excess sebum that forms the cysts. the accutane works inside to reduce the oil, the spiro dose even on someone with low blood pressue doesn't make you much lower. but it drys the oil up and blocks the testerone that we have different degrees of. No dermo can find a cure for this but this spiro is a miracle for many. alot of people use it without bcp. maybe it won't mess you up. good luck:) A good book to read is the hormonally vunerable woman[/QUOTE]

I used to think that too, cause i'm right there with you on the hormonal roller coaster, cystic acne, fibroid, extreme pms, but i found a way to use topicals that actually worked for me. Yasmin worked, but i lost tons of hair due to the hormonal fluctuations, plus i'm late 30's mom had estrogen fed breast cancer and i was not entirely comfortable on the pill, which acts like spiro in that it tamper testosterone, which is the culprit for most of us, either we have too much or our bodies are just more sensitive to the amount we have. I'm copying this from another post i just made and all i can say is it worked for me.
The post:
I' ve been where you ladies are at. Tried everything from accutane to yasmin (which works by the way I just started losing my hair from the shift in hormones), antibiotics, diet ( reducing refined sugars and trigger foods will help control cystic acne, that's a very long post, trust me. The quick end is Loren Cordain wrote a very short book call the the dietary cure for acne, and it's spot on in explaining the hormonal roller coaster we are all on) you name it. This has been going on for more than 25 years. Before my wedding in OCt I tripped upon another website for acne and they're where some people having great succes with good ole BP and salycilic acid. The catch is in the application. I tried every bp product in the world till this point and they didin't work, but now I use it a little differently. I use an SA wash by OXY and then the OXY wash with 10% BP as a mask for 10-15 min in the morning and at night. The results have been great. I still get an occasional bugger around by period, but they resolve at some point. IN the past I needed to get cortizone injections they were so deep and inflamed. My best guess is that when bp is not layered on very thickly and given the appropriate amount of time to work, some of us have too stubborn bacteria or too much and it's not effective. THis allows the med to work longer. All I can say is I've been able to control my to where my life is no longer on hold. I also avoid refined sugar, I use stevia or xylitol to sweeten everything i make myself and i use splenda or other diet products when i'm out. I hate to use the latter because i'm not convinced they're healthy but i crave a diet coke with food sometimes. eating better will definitely help to some extent and dr perricone in his book the the clear skin prescription talks about coffee both reg and decaf having an effect on the adrenal glands which ultimately effects testosterone, etc to have the effect on acne. Sorry this is so lengthy and sloppy, but i knew i hadn't been doing my part to help the cause.

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