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FireEyedAngel if you are female, you might want to look into getting Ortho-Tricyclen (birth control pills) which regulate our horomones throughout the month and through our cycle.. i have had acne since high school and took OTC for a year in 1999 (accutane is not an option cause i dont have insurance, but can get birth control pills free at my local clinic) and found success with it.. just a few NORMAL pimples instead of cystic clusters of painful red and swollen things.. <i know, it hurts so bad sometimes..> i stopped taking them when my life 'fell apart' and my skin had been up and down until i found Proactiv which, believe it or not, really helped.. i hated the $40 member stuff, so i weaned myself off.. tried a bunch of products with mild success and just got a three month supply of OTC again today.. i have to wait till my cycle starts (soon! i dont think i have ever looked foward to my period as much as i am right now) and then i will begin again with the OTC..

otherwise, look into a gentle wash, toner with alph-hydroxy and/or beta-hydroxy, a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream, salicylic acid (beta hydroxy) infused cream, or oil free base cream for under make-up.. i found "LAURA MERCIER" foundation to be SUPERB at coverage and its non-acne-causing properties.. plus, it is not that expensive and available online..

i found also that a bit of apple cider vinegar in my diet helps(natural antibacterial and internal cleanser), as does breathing exercises to cleanse the lymph.. skin brushing techniques are also quite helpful if your lymph nodes get swollen with severe breakouts (mine did this past summer; my skin has yet to recover fully, but the breakouts have slowed down)..

good luck to all of us..

just tryin' to help..

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