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I'm sorry if it sounds like we are all coming down on you and others, that certainly wasn't my intention. It's just that the ONE thing that bugs me the most is when people state that just because "it doesn't clear EVERYONE or apply to everyone" that it can't possibly be a valid treatment. Grr..I don't understand most people's self-indulgent faulty logic!

I mean that in the best way possible, but come on. [b]If we were ALL the same, then the SAME rules about diet, sleep, medication, etc would apply and we would all Walk, and Talk and Look the SAME,[/b] but we don't and as such, the SAME treatment methods and SYMPTOMS won't apply for ALL of us. Hence, WHY one person gets acne, the other gains weight, the other gets cancer and yet, they were all RELATED to the SAME "cause" it just manifested itself differently.

I really don't know what you are reading because, every doctor knows this. Every medical student knows this and if you've taken enough science classes in college, you SHOULD know this too. It's in every suggested health plan even. Yup, "low in fats, non-refined foods, and decrease/eliminate sugar" Yeah, sure it's not SPECIFIC, it's very general and that's what gets people into trouble. That's why some people haven't cleared off of a "healthy" diet, IF a diet would be the answer for them, because they don't quite understand what they SHOULD be avoiding.

The other thing I love about using a "healthy" diet that's TAILORED for YOU, is that people feel that it's WRONG to take aways such "wonderful" tasting foods from their diet all in the sake of clear skin (and better health)!!! Wow...if someone who was severely ALLERGIC said that, they would be DEAD! What is it about most acne sufferers that makes them feel they are EXEMPT from the laws of science that have bonded those that have Allergies, Intolerances, Diabetes or are Overwieght, from following similar dietary principles??? Would someone Please tell me? ;-)

I love you guys, you make me laugh and frown sometimes, but we are all in the same boat. I would just hate it if you DENIED yourself the opportunity to get Improved/clear skin or at least healthier, because you aren't doing the RESEARCH for yourselves. Because you aren't reading our posts on this board, where we have tried NUMEROUS times to explain this to you. That for those that love PROOF, Studies, and can understand the technical jargon, why aren't you clicking on ALL the links that we've posted??? I didn't put them there just so you could ignore them. I KNOW most of you DEMAND proof, and that's the best proof, outside of our testimonies, I can possibly provide you.

Hey, like I mentioned above, just because it doesn't clear you 100% doesn't mean it doesnt' work. I was curious about what you used to get clear and it was BC, right? Well, see that was the first hormonal treatment I went on and stayed on it for 3 years. It did work, it just didn't do ENOUGH and it didn't stop my Breakout Cycles from occuring, and everytime I've had progross with a doctor, it was due to some other fluke. I guess that's life, but just because BC wasn't the BEST and most EFFECTIVE answer for me, it doesnt' stop me from reccomending it to others. I UNDERSTAND how they work, and they work well for most women, just not me. ;-) Say, since there's 3 Specic types that help with acne, I'm curious as to which type/brand you are using.

Thanks and best wishes

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