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Hey all =)
I'm sorry for those that find hearing about "diets" frustrating but they do work for certain people and there's plenty of scientific backing. I wish I had some before and after pics, but I would like to maintain my anonymity here (say things MOST people never knew about me). Plus, most pictures I have (thank God) don't seem to show the severity of my acne, because they either focus on how oily my skin looks =( or they are taken in black and white (good thing). Otherwise, when your skin doesn't look good, why would you want pictures??? ;-)

Now scientificially, that is absoultely the right thing to do. Yet, I never took my results from various medications and finally a dietary changes to that level of scientific experimentation. The doctor Dx me, gave me the drugs, some worked, some didn't and then I started looking for alternatives. If I knew that my results were going to be this Significant, I would've taken pictures =/

There are plenty of people on these acne boards that stop by from time to time, to see what the latest news is and to possibly help anyone out. I certainly do not have the time that I once had, which is good because my skin is doing GREAT! Yet, its bad because I wish that I could at least try to help everyone out with all the knowledge that I've obtained over the years or from other acne sufferers. However, I know that there are many many helpful people that are on these boards and you all are knowledable in your own ways ;-)

No one mentioned this, so I'll go ahead and say it. Your hormones are regulated by a variety of other hormones, enzymes, proteins, etc. Therefore IF and that's a BIG IF, you can get a proper diagnosis (most its androgens, but from what pathway???) as to why you have acne, then you can go about treating your skin.

You can use prescription anti-androgens (or similar related drugs), Insulin-Sensitizing drugs (works like anti-androgens), Glucocorticoids, Herbals, Vitamins, Supplements, and of course Dietary Changes. They CAN and HAVE done the same things, it's just that some are MORE effective for CERTAIN people.

Accutane doesn't cure anyone, not just by my own humble opinion, but also because the manufacturers (Roche) haves clearly stated this. They said that its anti-androgenic effects (and other negative effects) are temporary and return upon ceasing treatment. The reason anyone is actually "cured" is because they grew out of puberty/hormonal imbalance. This is further supported by the fact that some people have gone on 2 - 5 treatments of this cure and finally deciding to go on a "maintence" dose. Accutane isn't a cure, it's just another method of treating your acne just like EVERYTHING else (including, B5, diet, spiro, etc) is. It will only work, while using it...and of course, if it does work for you, then you may want to look into taking a low dose of accutane for the rest of your life (they are marketing it).

I'm not BS, I'm not all talk, I back my words up with plenty of scientific studies/proof, and you are more than welcome to look on these first few pages to find my contributions or do a search under my name. I know WHY and HOW accutane works, and I know how we can use dietary changes to function the same as accutane. From what I know of B5, I know how dietary changes can also function similary. I know how Birth Control Works, and how diet can also function similarly. In fact, I know how we can take prescription drugs and use alternatives such as Fish Oil, ALA, Saw Palmetto, Vietx, etc to work along the above pathways as well.

Personally, I've gone through a great deal of acne treatments and they were NEVER effective enough. Spiro was good, but it didnt get the whole job done. I'm still on reduced dose of Spiro, but I can PROMISE you that if Spiro-BC and Spiro-Avandia didn't get me 99% clear that Spiro ALONE hasn't and that it is most assuredly my diet! Changing my Diet (Gluten Free, no soda, cherries, or bananas) has made the BIGGEST impact on my skin and general health (although I haven't been sick in years). Spiro-Dietary Changes has gotten me 99% clear, ELIMINATED my menstural cramps, greatly improved my mild hirsutism, enlarged pores and oily skin.

Yes I still have around 1% left, and my diet is far from perfect (should be "balanced" but I still eat like a working college student) and since I've had acne for 16 years, I can't expect 1 year (95% clear in 3 months time) to get me completely clear =) Then again, others have diets that are more strict than mine and the majority use no medications or supplements and are 100% clear within weeks or months (so it is posssible).

Joeh, I'm sooo glad to hear that as a male you are having results with Spiro!!! I've always felt that men should be able to take this and I've found studies indicating that males have used this successfuly for acne. Unfortunately (and fortunately) for myself and apparently DS, pills weren't enough. Whatever any of you choose to do, just know that your diet does affect your hormones, but it's up to your BODY as to how it will relate that problem to you. Hey if we all responded the SAME way to everything, we'd look alike, talk alike, and walk boring.

Best of luck

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