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[QUOTE=franse5;3717529]I have never had problem skin until I gave birth to my second child. I was pretty stressed and soda seemed to give me energy, so I have had a horrible soda problem for 5 years now. Could this be the reason for my acne problems?[/QUOTE]

As a matter of fact, yes. All the sugar (high fructose corn syrup for that matter, which is worse than plain sugar) and no fats, protein, or fiber to slow the digestion of it, causes serious spikes in insulin levels which can cause oil glands to overproduce oil in susceptible individuals.

Ideally, any meal should, in combination, be made up of 30% fat, 30% protein, and 40% carbs. Complex carbs are best (vegetables, whole grains, legumes, etc). Soda is definitely something to give up if at all possible. If it's just an energy thing, a small cup of coffee might do the trick. Soda usually has about half the caffeine content of the same amount of coffee, I think, though it depends on the soda.

Edit: I should add the 30/30/40 thing is by calories. Fat has more calories than protein or carbohydrates, and fiber has no calories but is important nonetheless. If you can't give up soda completely at least avoid drinking it on an empty stomach because that's when it'll affect you the most.

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