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Hi Jenfen

I think I use to converse with you on this board ages and ages ago. I think you had a ddifferent name then as I did. I was spouting the benefits of rosehip oil for scarring, remmber?

Anyway, if I get a bad pimple (and yes, sometimes cysts) the only thing that works for me and stops me having to go onto antibiotics again, is RAW GARLIC. I know it sounds gross, but what would you prefer? Garlic breath (which u can get rid of or a big zit on your face?)

Garlic takes care of the infection, and reduces the bump. As your acne sounds severe at the mmoment, I would eat as much raw garlic with food as I can. Believe me, the next day, I have noticed a reduction in inflammation of the bump. Its smaller.

Also take zinc in high doses till you get the cysts under control. And when I say high, i mean high. Like 80 mg of elemental zinc.

Also vitamin c to increase the healing.


You guys should take a look at Walt Stoll's protocol for gettng acne under control. I use to be on this board for my acne, but since going there I hardly have any acne problem at all. Actually from following his protocol, which includes essential fatty acids to thin the sebum so it doesnt clog pores, exercise, meditation etc. Its not hard work at all, and not only will your skin love it, but so will your health later on in life. Sure its great to think of our skin and how clear and health we want it, but think of the good its doing our body for later onin life.

Hope this helps you.

OH, the raw garlic thing. at least for you jen, I would take 6-8 raw garlic cloves a day. Crush it over your food, put it in a stirfry on your plate with rice if you like. I often find a piece of grilled salmon with lemon disguises the garlic taste.

for garlic breath, you can take chlorophyll, or chew on a parsely sprig, or chew ona clove. RAW garlic is the only thing that has worked on severe acne for me!


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