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Hey all--I've got 2 questions.

I guess I'll start with some history. When I started Grade 7 (about 13-14, I think) I hit pubes and got fairly bad acne. I had it up until grade 9 (14-15) when I finally got on some antibiotics and it cleared my skin perfectly, I had no scars or any more breakouts for about 4 months (best days of my teen life so far) untill one day I ran out and couldn't get ahold of any more for almost a month. (worst mistake I ever made...I still beat myself up for it) Anywhoo, after I got back on the antibiotics (tetracyclin and differin gel) they didnt respond anymore I went on to this stuff called benzac. (Benzoil peroxide 10%) So far it hasnt been working very well...its like im finally clearing up, but then I get more breakouts.

So, I've been on Benzac for about 4-5 months you think it will ever start working or should I move on to something else. My doc wants to put me on Accutane...I'm a litte afraid with all the horror stories...but think, hardly anyone that went on accutane comes back on acne boards, their out enjoying themsevles.

My other question is--does acne ever go away on its own? I mean, do you think once I finish puberty the acne wont come back? Or is acne a permanent thing if your not on any drugs or stuff. (I hit puberty at about 13, I'm now I think I have a little more to go :)

One other thing, I have mild-moderate acne...If that helps at all. Thanks for the help.

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