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Yup, that is the keyword here, YOUR diet ;-)

Well, in general this is my diet and it is a HORMONE/Androgen/Insulin controlling diet:

[b]Low Carbohydrate diet[/b]- by way of following a [b]Gluten Free/Low Grain diet[/b]. I do NOT count the Glycemic Load/Index nor do I pay attention to the amount of carbohydrates/sugar that I eat. [b]I still get plenty of carbs from Fruit, Vegetables, Legumes/beans, Nuts, and a few grains.[/b] The only reason I call this a low carb diet is because just by avoidng most grains, except Rice, Corn, and occasionally oatmeal, I am essentially "low carbing" because I've reduced my own personal intake from close to 75% or more carbs to maybe 40% - 50%. ( BIGGEST impact on my skin and eliminated my menstrual cramps)

[b]Reduced GF Cereal/refined Cereal[/b] - I can eat cereals that don't contain gluten but for some reason, whenever I do, I breakout with pimples or small cysts in/around my earlobes. So I only eat a box a cereal every 2 months or so (with organic milk).

NO Soda - cysts

NO Cherries - cysts

NO Bananas - cysts

Otherwise, that's it. =) I also take a reduced dose of spiro (usually 150mg, but not everyday). I still eat like a busy college student. I still eat fast food, out at resturants, some canned and even frozen food. Heck, I even eat junk food (ice cream, yogurt, chocolate, BUTTER popcorn, etc) when I feel like it, but I don't usually crave sweet stuff.

I mainly drink water 90% of the time and when I don't it's tea/coffee or, sad to say, diluted (with water) 100% fruit juice (it's too sweet for me now).
Otherwise, the ONLY difference is that I don't eat foods that contain the above. Yes yes, I LOVE cherries and Banana nut bread and I can't have them ever again...well unless I want to breakout...and I don't. ;-)

hoped that helped, if not, here's more detail into my diet [url=""][/url] (see page 2)

Good luck

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