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Ok, let me preface this embarrassment by saying my info is 100% accurate and is like most people a problem(acne).

For 39 years, I was fortunate enough to have a totally clear face. Then in September of 2007, my complexion changed.

What changed?
After 12 years of marriage, I got separated.
The only other thing that changed was(no jokes), I started having a CRAZY amount of sex.

Most experts from what I've read suggest that stress doesn't cause acne. So my other thought is hormones. I first went to my general practitioner and he prescribed an ointment. It pretty much cleared it up. But I was even getting pimples around and in my eyes. so I went to a dermatologist and he said the steroid in the ointment was too strong and my face was addicted to it. So I went off it, got ugly REALLY fast. He prescribed Doryx. It has managed it pretty well. A couple times I've tried going off of it but the same thing happens. I first get pimples by my eyes, mouth, and then the rest of my face. I can't keep taking this forever. For one, I can barely afford it. I'm still stressed, still getting pimples, and still getting the other benefit :) Any suggestions? I can best describe the acne as white heads. but they're more robust than the occasional white head I would seldom get in my past. They're pissed off! I try to cope with humor:)

P.S. I tried searching for info. But WOW, there's a lot of threads out there.

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