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Hello Skimom,
Yeah the Bears couldnt pull it off today. Theres always next week. You mentioned that Yaz helped your daughter. Thats a BC pill right? I really dont want to do that to my daughters body. I am trying to keep her treatment as natural as possible. The endocrinologist we are seeing still believes it is hormonal acne. They are not imflamed and cystic just some tiny pimples. She also lately has these like 2 really dry patches - one on her chin and one on her lower cheek. I really dont think they are pimples; if you run your finger over that area it almost feels like a rug burn. She uses lots of moisturizer but it is still dry in those 2 areas. We havent changed her skin care routine in 5 months so nothing new there. If you have any suggestions please advise me. Yeah, my daughters attitude is great. She is very outgoing and friendly and gets along with everyone. Her acne is not severe but enough that we know it is there. She eats good, takes vitamins daily, takes fish oil daily, doesnt drink pop, cleanses twice a day, uses a mask twice a week and we still have issues. She knows kids at school who dont do any of that and have great skin. It is so frustrating. I heard the pill is good sometimes for clearing acne; I just not sure if I want to drug her at such a young age. Thanks so much for any help you can give.

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