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Hi Dawn!
yes maybe she does have Dry now? and that can still cause Acne I have learned being too dry isnt good either....I like the Proactiv moisterizer I have...its Oil free..maybe its what shes using to wash her face drying her out? and also temperature of water need to be cooler rather than HOT...I have started using warm water see I love HOT! hot showers but its gotta turn the temp down :) hard but trying hard!!!

maybe see if cutting back on her products helps? unless otherwise advised by her for me I see the Repairong lotion can be drying so using it once a day as of is a hard your right

Picking has been my biggest enemy , I had a little fall back today I started to mess with my zit I ahve ...but I stopped after it did nothing...I felt bad BUT before I would ahve kept going till I knocked off skin to like a graze!!!! mine is looking better tingles a bit with the Benzoyl Peroxide! but think its normal and stop in a little while...

I hope in a few weeks its much better in time for a wedding I am going too!!!social things are hard! but with a clearer face it makes a difference!

well I will talk to you soon I hope...I am not feeling well :( and Daughter had me awake alot coughing and sons got a cold and I feel blah..least I am home with no make-up on letting my skin breath!

well not sure if your into Halloween ? your daughters older :) I do treack or treating! I love is usually but this years a bit of a disaster! oh well will go for an hour then come back home //the kids love it even if there not 100% kids jsut will go and go!!!!

my daughter has tummy ache :( probably the anti-biotic? shes been pretty Healthy a few ear infections but she has lad alot of colds in her life (or 4 years heehee) shes 5 in son will be 8 in December a 2nd Grader. I was lucky to have had such great kids as babies I was so lucky! always Happy, hardly cried! Nick was giggly and like a gerber baby everyone would stop me and say how cute he was..even Men would say thats a cute baby!!! I would blush! and say thankyou!!! he is a nice boy...hes starting to get a little more cheeky not alot but I am guessing its school and being with other kids.

you feel you cant cocoon them forever, they have to go into the world but I am scared of the teenage years for sure and for my daughter and the whle having sex and drinking and etc is really scary how young girls are today doing things and they are not even "dating" I really want them to stay little but I already feel my son in only a few more years will be like a pre-teen!!...god!!! I am terrified.......

you really hope the values you teach them stay in them and help them make the right choices...for me I want them to tell me everything! I want them to beable to come to me! ...even if they did something stupid or think i might be mad, I say to them always tell the truth to us...its worse if you dont....then we find out so jsut fess up and be honeslt always...I guess time will tell hay???

it sounds like you are a great mum and is taking time to give you Daughter the best love and how to take care of herself by eating well etc its kids dont drink soda Heck no,special occation if we go out but usually no...apples juice watered down or mostly water and milk they kids are good with fruit (we call Katelyn the fruit bat) but shes not so up for Veggies! I always encourage her and ask to eat 4 pieces (her age haaaa) of say green beans, or mouthfuls of corn! and unless shes gagging and really hates it (lets face it my mum made me me eat EVERYTHING even if I hated it and now I wont eat it as an adult) I dont want to turn her off food for her whole life but I know she doesnt mind it I will ask her to eat 4 LOL...shes good....they dont get fast food...I think its sad how peoples lifestyle makes it a necesity to get fast food in ...somethings are not so bad like chicken out but like McDees and Burger King uuuck! I rarely eat that as I find it makes me feel I feel awful hours later....its crap! but I see why its appealing with people working and feel rushed to do so much its the American way of life in some states....

I stay home and am lucky we can afford to live on one salary definately a huge challenge sometimes but I try everyday to be thankful that I can be home to take care of my kids and homework and dinner and the house I have a friend who works and her kids ar ethe same as mind I feel she is so overwhelmed with life its really sad ..all for a little extra money ..but some people acquire a lifestyle and they then have to go back to work if they have kids , I always said to Brian if we have kids I want to be home (thats a personal choice and it was the best for me but for some women its not for them and I undesrtand that and admire them for juggling careers and families but I feel sometimes people get so rushed...and miss the small simple things? and thats why I am glad to be mum stayed home with us but did even when we were older that I think I dont ened I might go nuts home alone all day haahaa! but my mum was Happy to do that...see people all are so different :)

are you Married? have any other kids :) I never assume anyone is married these days ..:)
I am married jsut have my 10th Anniversary last month time FLIES!!!!!!!

I am like you dont want to see Katelyn or Nick have skin problems! its awful isnt it..they tell me to leave my face alone now! LOL maybe they will not mess with there own! My husband had a little acne like boys do but it went pretty fast and he never gets any! hope they inherit that ....though my skin is nice where I havnt got marks! ...its looking better felling better its ahrd as we put our face out there you cant really hide it...I know you know what I mean...jsut this week having some big scabs healing at the Drs with my daughter I felt like I couldnt hold my head up and thats sad! but I am trying to let this cycle end...I want to be able to hold my head high :) hope it happens soon!

I agree I think Acne treatements are so harsh I mean Proactiv bleaches anything it touches and that was being put on my face YIKES ..I mean a hundred years ago they didnt have all these products!!! and think Food was better no chemicals and crap in it, I have read too food doesnt cause Acne but I am sure fueling your body with good nutition os more beneficial then eating crap! :)

ok Dawn! chewing your ear off again! LOL I need to get a cup of tea and go check on Katelyn shes sleeping even asked to go to bed I lay with her but coudlnt get comfy LOL I want to go back before she wakes she thinks I was there the whle time..shes not clingy but I can tell shes not well for her to want me this much...arghhhh one day she will hate me and screaming its not Fair! haahaaaa

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