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Hi there,
is she a Picker?? because I know this makes it so much worse :( I am posted Under Picking...I have had ACNE when Pregnant had what I describe as " bubbling" with puss I had a perscription just from my FP and it was a mixture of an anti-biotic and Benzoyl Peroxide, it did help dry it up, then I got on Proactiv , I am sure you have heard of it? like with Anything and everything there is good and and Bad claims...I dont think theres one treatment for Acne sufferers sadly its trial and error.

I never went to a Dermatologist yet (was too embarassed then heard mixed stories of how they can put you on very $ skin care with hardly any results..but again the Internet can be your best friend or worst enemy!

I am not here to tell you what to do, sounds like your daughter eats well though its also said that food rarely affects you having or getting ACNE its a myth greasy foods give you Acne! I tend to agree I think its hormonal often but not always, again I am not Dr :(

just give your daughter as much support as you can, and if you dont know ask her if she picks? this I know and read over and over DO NOT PICK and I am 34 and finally realizing its very important to not touch your face ...let alone spend 30 minuites in the mirror picking...sometimes even in our intellectual mind we know to not do something but still do it... but I really am deciding to make this change to improve not jsut my skin but how I face the world........

I think you are being a wonderful mum trying to get help for your daughter and I am sure she appreciates it very much too...having bad skin is very difficult ..I would know!

but be there for her and try and just see what she is telling you, listen to her she will tell you if for example something shes using is making her skin feel worse, listen to her..

though I know changing products too often also makes treatment harder your skin takes time to have affect or bad affect and if like me you change over and over you never know what product is helping or not....

I wish I could give you a magic answer..I wanted to just offer some support to you

but keep doing what you think is whats right for you and your Daughter...and try to listen to your inner voice and dont take it too much of what you read on the internet

Take care!

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