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[QUOTE=ukladybird;3828332]yes, I think its just the Holidays people have things to do :) I am still trying not to pick, very hard but doing better than I was...this christmas I am hoping to not have a break out ! so far so good we will see :)


Yes it is very hard! I know what you are going through. I was diagnosed with OCD many years ago, probably when I was about 7 (I am 23 now). In high school I started to have a very very bad picking problem. It lasted 8 years, with the most severe time being April 2007 (when my bf broke up with me)-July 2008. I had to take a quarter off of medical school because I couldn't deal with the picking, school, missing my bf, and being clear across the country from my family and friends. I missed out on tons of social activities because of my face over the last several years. I would refuse to leave the house, make up excuse after excuse as to why I couldn't do anything, and would get up at 5 am for an 8 o'clock class, so I had enough time to cover up all of my scabs. When I would get into the shower after a pick session, I would sit on the bottom of the bath tub and cry because the water made my face sting so bad.

In July of 2008 I began seeing a a new therapist (of course, I have seen many before). I saw her twice a week for double sessions, which lasted an hour and half. The therapy consisted of me coming in without make up on a particular part of my face (the part we were working on that day, for example, my right cheek) and staring at the part of my face in a handheld mirror. Every five minutes, I would rate my urge to pick, and of course, I couldn't pick. The goal is to let the anxiety build and build, let it come to climax, and then it eventually diminishes. I did each part of my face three times before moving on to another part, and eventually began doing the whole face at one time. You don't want to start off doing the whole face because it can be too much at first. Maybe this is something you can look in to?

I also learned that although I have OCD, face picking is an impulse control disorder, which is different from OCD. Many people who pick their skin also have OCD, but they do not have to. Unfortunately, I have OCD and an impulse control disorder (face picking). With OCD, people perform actions to get rid of anxiety (even though that anxiety comes back shortly). For example, someone who washes his/her hands over and over does so to get rid of his/her anxiety associated with germs or uncleanliness. Someone with an impulse control disorder peforms an action because it's pleasurable. People who pull their hair and pick their skin do so because they get some sort of pleasure out of it.

Here are some tips that I can offer you:
1. If you can, only have a mirror in your bathroom, or cover up all other mirrors in your house with paper.
2. For the mirror in your bathroom, go to Home Depot and get a set of temporary blinds to put on the mirror. You can clip the blinds up with the clips that come w/ the blinds when you have to put on your makeup, but then you put the blinds down immediately and do not up them back up again until you have to do your makeup the next day.
3. I found that I would pick my face mostly at night after I washed my face in the bathroom sink. I started taking two showers a day (one in AM and one in PM) so that I washed my face at night in the shower and not at the bathroom sink. It sounds odd, but it helped.
4. When you are around your house, wear cotton cloves with lotion so you aren't tempted to feel your face for imperfections.
5. Remember that when you look in the mirror w/ your makeup on, you can still see what was there before you put the makeup on...other people cannot!
6. I found products that I think really helped with my clogged pores, which of course, helped to diminish my picking. I will tell you what they are in case you're wondering. I use Clearogen wash and lotion in the AM and the stronger differin at night.

Good Luck! :)

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